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Bog Deathgrip Tripod Ball Adaptor

Bog Deathgrip Tripod Ball Adaptor

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The Bog Deathgrip ball head adaptor was designed to convert any Bog Deathgrip from the heavy , pivoting limiting parts to a lightweight solution allowing you to add your favorite ballhead. Wether your tall, average height or short we now have a solution to fit you with the standard and extended versions. Please see other options for those. 


You can now either run a Swiss Arca plate on your weapon and go direct to your ballhead or add the included Swiss Arca Adapter to the bottom of your DG original clamp and continue using it. Either way you go you are shaving 1 to 3 pounds off your tripod. 


Super strong construction, light weight and a no questions asked mechanical failure garauntee. No Ball Head is included! 

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